Lots of women choose to begin their entrepreneurial careers through home consultancy businesses, such as Mary Kay or Scentsy or the like.  (Not a plug here- I personally know nothing about these companies.)  They provide a great opportunity to get your feet wet in running your own business, giving you tools to get started while learning about how you personally like to operate within your business.

Have you worked with home consultancy companies before?

EntreWomen is looking for reviews of your experiences with any of the home consultancy businesses, but before you begin typing away, keep two caveats in mind:

1.  We will not print any personal promotion, i.e., XYZ Company is awesome!  I make $9 bazillion dollars a year!  Click here to find out how to begin building your future…

2.  We will not print anyone lambasting a specific company due to an isolated incident.  If the company stinks, we want to know, but keep an objective spin on things, eh?

With your help, we can compile a guide for other women interested in such opportunities, showing them where to invest their time in researching, and where to just walk on by.

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