We Need Your Help!

10 Jun

If you begin searching for profiles of successful entrepreneurs, two things hit you smack in the face after about two minutes:

1.  Most  profiles highlight individuals making enormous sums of money

2.  Most profile collections eventually begin to focus on individuals working in corporate-America

And you know what?   Although it would be fabulous to make tons of money in our entrepreneurial endeavors, and some of us might aspire to creating our own corporate ladder, these circumstances are not representative of the majority of entrepreneurs.  Where are the profiles of the small, but successful, operations?

That’s where you come in.

If you are a successful, small-scale entrepreneur, or know one, please leave a comment and let us know.  We want to compile a reservoir of motivation for those of us who need to dream just a little smaller before we take the world by storm.


What’s EntreWomen about?

10 Jun

There are two types of women entrepreneurs.  The first group, also the most rare, contains those who just seem
to have been born to create opportunities for themselves- it’s either intrinsic to their nature, or they are naturally very driven and the idea of working for someone else was never an option or never entered their minds.  The second group, probably the more typical crowd, contains those of us who began our working lives in more traditional roles, acquiring skills or an education in anticipation of fulfilling a certain niche in the working world.  Then, as our lives change, families grow, and the economy shifts, what once seemed like a great idea doesn’t look so wonderful anymore, and those “specialized skills” we were coached to develop don’t translate very easily into other careers.  We begin to dream of creating opportunities for ourselves, whether for more flexibility of time, a larger income, or the opportunity to stay home with young children.  For many, all three factors are important.

Read quality, encouraging books on business and entrepreneurialism and you will find a common theme for those wishing to start out in an entrepreneurial endeavor: to figure out where you want to go and how to get
there, study others who have already made it work.   In EntreWomen, we will meet and explore the thoughts and efforts of women already making it work.  What inspired them to create their business or product?  What keeps them motivated?  How do they make it work?

Because if you don’t bring a map, you will never find your destination.